Goes great with tea ^.^




One of the more traditional Taiwan snacks, Are these above. The purple like ones are red bean paste made from scratch and the white ones are custard. Sorry about the slight blurriness,  I downloaded these back from my Instagram because these existed from my previous shots from my trip to Taiwan. Which was stored inside my last phone and that phone died on me, taking all the photos with it sigh! But! Back on topic, these are SO incredibly good and the way they make it is fun to watch too! πŸ™‚



They cover the batter on top of them and then close the lid, the result is what you see above. A crunchy delicious snack that goes excellent with tea, Gotta love street food πŸ™‚


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  1. When I lived in Taiwan I always loved the filled rice dough balls fried with sesame seeds on the outside. I have found them in the U.S. in Chinese buffet restaurants. They’re yummy!

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