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From a single word..Our love began to grow..A new chapter to tell each and every day..Beautiful stories that begin after the next..Blossoming to the love we have..Never remembering what it means to be alone..Ever again..


WPC: Structures 


Taipei 101

Historic Paco Park, Manila.

Islas De Gigantes, Carles Philippines




A cupid’s arrow might miss it’s mark but it will always point to the one who holds your heart ❤️

No Rhyme, Just a story I wrote :)


I can still remember that night..The last night..She looked at me with the eternal radiance of her smile and said..With a tear in her eyes..That this would be the last good bye and we would again be apart..The last chance to caress her hand that has rested so gently in mine..Until it would become all a memory treasured in my heart..I remember it well..The most painful night of my life..Having to let go someone I searched for..All my life..