Why not sweet? ☺️


I couldn’t find anything spicy to post, So I’m aadding  little twist to things, Here’s a treat I get from Costco every time it’s out. It’s cream puffs with dark chocolate swirls and white chocolate shavings on top, Each piece is a treat from heaven and much more enjoyable than the taste of something spicy burning your tongue 😉 


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  1. Oh my goodness Andy, that looks incredibly yummy. I was surprised to hear that Costco is also located at your end of the world. I guess they are everywhere (like Ikea). I will have to see if my Costco carries those cream puffs in New Jersey. My personal favorite dessert at Costco is Cheesecake Factory cheesecake in the frozen section. No I’m craving dessert. Here’s to all things sweet!

  2. well….
    for a couple years – I would breakout if I ate most sweets – and it was okay – part of my cleansing and stuff like that – but guess what – there were these little cream puffs that I could have with no problems – and I think they were from Costco or a club called BJs – the ones I had were more oval – like a rectangle almost and no drizzle – none! and had a yellow custard ?
    but were simply wonderful – and I had them at an art show, a school recital, and someone’s home – all in a few months – and twice they were still served slightly frozen – which added to the taste of these gems.
    have not seen them in a while, but your post reminded me of what a treat they were – refreshing esp. because my options were so limited.
    oh and yours look better with the drizzle and shavings.

    • The shavings were the magic touch, the light taste didn’t overpower the cream inside so it was perfect with every bite ☺️

      I’m looking for the one you mentioned though 😃

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