Windows in the Philippines ๐Ÿ˜ƒย 


Philippines national museum

Venice plaza, BGC

Manila, Makati.



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  1. Lovely windows and such beautiful buildings, Andy. I have three friends who are Filipinos. I have written about baptisms, new home and birthday parties where their delicious food is served. So cool to see the island where the city Manila is located on.

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  3. Love the choice of these three photos for the variety –
    the older and spaced out first pic – the bundle of buildings in the middle – and the last tall modern vertical with the little lamppost

      • haha – yes = it is like a photobomber – and for some reason I like it a lot.
        it gives us a sense of scale – a sense of human involvement – and maybe even inviting – cos a lamppost signals light is being provided to allow folks to see – and well – it also adds that unique energy

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