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Hi Everyone! It’s been a while, I can’t apologise enough to my most supportive friends. But I had no choice but to shut down the blog immediately, With work ramping up and my not being able to protect my blog? It was getting pretty crazy. I had an insane number of my photos being ripped from my blog as people’s own on Instagram and other places, It is incredible how many people out there even crop out watermarks. So I took a nice break from blogging but now I am opening a new one that’s more tailored to photography. Please feel free to visit me at the poor traveler life  ^.^

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    • Right?? I mean seriously, imagine how many pieces of art that people have shared and great photos were lifted off other people’s sites. Geez, it’s infuriating! Thus my watermarks on my photos which bothers me some because i feel like i’m ruining them :-\ Thank you for following my new blog btw! ^.^/

  1. Andy, I don’t even want to think about how many, if any, have stolen my photographs. It’s on them! It is just too easy to steal …. right click on a picture and voila …. copy it. I have no associations with IG or FB so that being said, I really pray no one has stolen my art. XO

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