A heartfelt thank you and hello 🤗


Hi Everyone! I wanted to first say thank you to everyone who’s left a message asking if I’m still around. The answer is! I’m back! 🤗 apologies also for not keeping in touch. After all the endless photo thefts from my vlog, I met my now fiancé Glaiza in Taipei and I ended up turning my attention towards the vlogging world of YouTube.

I’ve missed writing however, so! In the coming days I will be publishing many of my drafts that have stacked up on the dusty shelves over the years. I hope you will enjoy! Also, please feel free to visit my YouTube to see what I’ve been up to, do also drop me your links if you too have a channel! ☺️

YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/achih1076

IG: Andy_chih76

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