Who am I? I am a wandering soul who has finally found his answer after so long. I dedicate all my poetry to the one I deeply love, Glaiza. She has given me more joy and warmth than I have ever known, I hope you will share our journey together πŸ™‚

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  1. I love your blog. You are such an interesting young man. Writing is such a great form of expression; and your writing is very honest. Wonderful!

  2. Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog. You have a very expressive blog …. nice pieces of stories here and there. I will visit often~

  3. I’m quite new to WordPress. I’ve enjoyed going through your pages and I now have lots of new ideas on how to improve my own pages – thank you πŸ˜‰
    Lots of hugs from Denmark!

  4. Hi,
    i Checked your blog today and it tempted me to write to u me..you are a great writer indeed. keep on writing,
    i hope i messaged you few days ago to.. πŸ™‚
    as i am new at wordpress, i am trying different things to, can u suggest me something..
    Right now i am writing on Military Aviation. hope you like my blog to.

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    • Thank you for your very kind words, in wordpress you can write about anything and everything you want! the folks here are incredible and have the passion to both read and write! πŸ™‚ you have an amazing blog by the way, i really enjoy reading about the latest advancements in fighter jets since it was my childhood dream to fly in them when i was a child. Being a parent now and at my age, i’ll have to pass that chance but! it’ll always spark my interest πŸ™‚ good luck in everything!

  5. Thanks for liking and subscribing to my blog, Andy! I will definitely check out yours more often =) Keep on writing and expressing! God bless!

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog site. I just started out with WordPress not so long ago, tho this isn’t my first blog. Like most bloggers we do share the same interest. To transform our thoughts into words. I like the way you transform your thoughts. Keep writing!

  7. You’re a wonderful dad. I really enjoy your posts. Reading about you made it very personal. Thanks for being out there πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Andy, thank you for liking my post this morning. I will be back later today to check out your blog. I must say it looks very interesting and I liked your photo’s! πŸ™‚

  9. Wonderful blog it has a bit of almost everything, which makes it really interesting! You seem like a very expressive guy. Oh and thank you for liking one of my posts and visiting my blog! Keep up the good work!

  10. Very nice Blog and extremely inspiring how the words come to you. You are gifted in the wisdom that seems to flow from your heart to your hands. Keep writing and sharing, as you will surely continue to be a huge blessing to many. What you write are words I feel could come write out of my own heart as well. Thank You! Rhonda πŸ™‚

    • You are too kind! πŸ™‚ i just write what i feel that’s all and a little bit of my personal experiences. It means a lot to me that you enjoyed my blog and i hope i continue to write as well for you and everyone! πŸ™‚

  11. Hi Andy,
    Thanks for checking out my blog on “Temple of Heaven”/Katsoolis World. Your blog is quite popular-Congrats on creating such a worthwhile blog. I will check out it more soon. Where are you from? Northwest part of US?

    • Hi Sandra, thank you for visiting my blog. I really enjoyed your blog about the temple, i’m still planning on some day saving enough for a trip to other parts of Asia. Actually, i live in Vancouver, Canada πŸ™‚

  12. Hi Andy, thanks for your nice comment on my blog. Your blog is cool…random, but lots of interesting things to check out! I see you are from Vancouver…lucky dog. The best Xiaolongbao is up in your hood!!

  13. Thank you for stopping by at my website πŸ™‚
    I love the content of every post you make
    its like a remarkable writer with wide creativity of writing!
    Have a nice day! πŸ™‚

  14. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You have some very interesting content. I hope to check in sometimes on what you are doing.

    I started my blog in January this year and I am enjoying it. It looks like your blog is newer, too. Have fun!

    • Hi! you’re very welcome! you have some really interesting posts that got me thinking πŸ™‚ yeah, my blog’s very new. I originally started off at blogspot but then found that there wasn’t really anyone sharing their work so i came to wordpress and love it πŸ™‚

  15. Hey there! I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award, I apologize if you have more than 200 followers but I could not tell by your blog stats ;( Anyway,please take it as a compliment either way πŸ˜‰ -James

    • Hi! I’m happy to hear you’ll be writing more, really enjoyed a lot of your posts and I hope there will be more in the coming days. Always write what you feel. Not just what you think others may want to hear, good luck on everything πŸ™‚

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  17. Hi Andy, I figured I should leave my mark here this time, you’re always saying nice things on my own blog! I love your writing style & the pics you’ve posted are beautiful! So glad to have *met* you! =)

  18. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Reading yours has been a pleasure. I like the way you write and how you express your thoughts. It’s very touching.

  19. What an absolutely lovely blog! Gorgeous photography – you’ve said you don’t have an SLR, but I must tell you I find the process of “traditional” photography is so focused, slower – requires so much patience, it seems very in keeping with your approach to life and growth – enjoying the journey, as it were.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and liking my post – I really enjoyed learning about you!


    • Hi Aliza, thank you so much for stopping by and your kind words! I have to admit, I do sometimes miss the days before the DSLR’s came out and photography took time and constant adjustments. So much more personal touch, so until I get my DSLR I guess it’s iPhone 4 camera and editing lol! πŸ™‚

      Hope to see you again, Have a great day ahead!


  20. Thank you for liking one of my blog posts. Your way of words in writing is truly beautiful and inspiring. Really makes one think of the good things in life. Your photography is also wonderful and the colours are so vibrant. Very much enjoyed looking through your Morning Sunrise and White Rock BC posts.

  21. Thanks for liking my blog
    I love to paint with all my heart
    and I love photography and writing
    Please check my other paintings as well as my photo blog

  22. Hey Andy…So you saw that I nominated you for the HUG Award? πŸ™‚ Congrats! I really like your blog. So creative and fun!
    Now I see that you have the HUG Award. Would you like a different one? (I feel like a dealer here!) I’ve got five to offer. You name it, you got it…because you really qualify for ALL of them. I’m happy to make a change!

  23. Since I like your blog and got inspired by it I would like to nominate you for the Sunshine Award.

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  24. Thank you for liking my post “There is nothing rigid in the human life. You are always moving forward; when you’re not, you’re not even standing still – you’re really going backward.” Happy Monday Andy!

  25. Thanks for stopping by. I’m impressed by the richness of your blog. Some great takeaway thoughts. I like the crumpled photo and accompanying quote. It inspires me to start a short story…hmmm, “Crumpled Memories” I’ll work on it.
    Happy Pages,

  26. I can’t wait to read your poetry. Your post was so beautiful. I could just imagining doing that exact thing. In fact I do quite often. Love you blog. I’m just getting started, but you a certainly an inspiration.

    • You’re too kind, the beauty about writing is you can always write what you wish and somewhere along the way? you will discover what kind of writing you like best πŸ™‚

    • Don’t worry about what people might say or how people might feel. Writing has no rules, no conditions so write exactly what you want every time πŸ™‚

  27. Hi Andy I’m also a single parent. I’ve been blogging for a few monts and still trying to get the hang of it but seem to be doing ok with it so far. So that’s alittle about me plus what you’ve probably read on my blog. Stay intouch.

  28. Thanks for stopping by my blog and looking around πŸ™‚ I like your story…I grew up listening to Julio Iglesias too because my parents listened to him all the time…so I in turn love Enrique as well. I grew up in Washington and visited Vancouver often when I was going to Western Washington University, so I am loving your photos as they remind me of earlier times. πŸ™‚ Your blog intrigues me and I look forward to seeing more. Have a fantastic rest of your week.

    • Hi Ninali, Thank you so much for visiting and following my blog. I too grew up listening to Julio Iglesias when I lived in Chile, now there was someone who had passion for music and that inspired a lot of my writings. Enrique really did an incredible job of following his father’s footsteps huh? πŸ™‚

  29. Hello Andy,
    Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog today. Nice to know others are finding me.
    I’ve read some of your posts just now and I must say I’ve enjoyed them tremendously. You are definitely someone who writes with your heart on your sleeve. Kudos! I look forward to following you and your beautiful daughter on your “journey” …………keep up the great writing πŸ™‚

  30. hey thanks for liking my post, I went through yours and its nice to read your thoughts on varied things in life.

  31. Hello! I’ve been following your blog ever since I’ve came across this site. I am a new writer and I want to self-promote my newest projects FOR A CAUSE that can be found here http://jeninesilos.wordpress.com/2012/04/27/my-first-book-series-the-wonders-in-fable-land/ I just want to share it to all blogs I follow because it is my first time in the field of writing. Or you can see it directly in this site: http://writeforacause.org/

    Your visit and comments are very much appreciated! Thank you and God bless!.

  32. Hi Andy,

    You’ve got a very interesting blog :). There is so much emotions (not very often that I see from a man expresses his feelings and inner thoughts. And I like it that you write from the heart. I read several posts of yours and it moved me somehow.

    Keep writing!


    • Hi Mafey,

      Thank you so much for your very kind words, I’m happy you enjoyed your visit πŸ™‚ I just write stuff that’s on my mind though, I hope that you are having a wonderful week and I am following you blog πŸ™‚

      • You are welcome and thanks for following my blog Andy! πŸ™‚ I will come here from time to time to read more of your posts. It’s refreshing and there’s always something to ruminate about πŸ™‚

  33. Hey, thanks a lot for stopping by to take a look at my new blog! πŸ™‚ just been having a look around, you’ve got so many interesting entries and you’re a great writer, and seem like a lovely person too!

  34. Hello,

    It is so great to find another aspiring writer. You have done great things with your posts here, so keep penning and keep inspiring! I am sure the door will open for you one day. πŸ™‚
    I have a joyful ride in your blog, and now I’d like to invite you to visit mine. Thank you and have a wonderful day, my friend! πŸ™‚

    Subhan Zein

  35. Andy, I can’t find your e-mail address, so I have to ask in the “comment” section.
    Somewhere i read something about Japanese or Chinese poetry, but I can’t find it now. I think it was on your blog which I love. This type of poetry is a very short poet of I think 3 lines of only 3 or 5 words per line, but touching on some very deep aspect of life. If you know anything about it, or have indeed posted something on your blog, please inform me. My e-mail address is bibledifferences@gmail.com Thank you.
    God bless,
    Herman Grobler

    • Hi Herman,

      Thank you so much for your kind words, I’m not entirely sure which post you are referring to. But I will look, most of my poetry contain very little words. Thank you again for coming by πŸ™‚

      God Bless,

  36. Hi there! I just browsed your blog and like what you’re doing. Keep at it πŸ™‚

    Also, thanks for liking my post “Poetry Monday-Darla Himeles.” Your support is much appreciated…hope you’ll stop by again soon!

  37. Your daughter WILL change everything. Its why we have children, because they force us to look at things differently. Thank you for a lovely intro. Yaz

  38. I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I notice you “like” my posts a lot, and I really appreciate it. Looks like by the length of this comment section, that your blog is going well! πŸ™‚

  39. Wow!! Loved the way you wrote about yourself in just a few but touching words! Thank you so much for visiting my blog Andy!
    I just loved your blog too!! It feels great to come across you! Be in touch!
    And Keep writing!! πŸ™‚

  40. I love the honesty in your poetry. Thanks for stopping by The Brass Rag. Come back and see us again soon; we’re looking forward to hearing from you. Meanwhile, happy writing!

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  42. Hey! You received a ping back the other day on your About Me page! Yeah, that wasn’t spam. I just nominated 45 bloggers for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Why 45? Well, I made up for the last three out of six. So, you’re one of them! Congratulations! You can find the post here: http://wp.me/p2TeFs-KP ! Take care.

  43. I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award

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  44. I confess myself a big fan of your blog. Thank you for visiting mine and commenting as well.

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  46. Single parents are some of the most under appreciated people there are. I am a member of that club as well. Signed up to follow you by email– really like your blog:)

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  48. Andy, I nominated YOU for the very INSPIRING BLOG AWARD…You are an inspiration! AS you already know, I find your blog so very interesting!

    Here are the directions for accepting the award:

    Thank you for the VERY INSPIRING BLOG AWARD


    Thank you, TersiaBurger@ http://tersiaburger.com for your nomination on April 14, 2013. But I must confess, YOU are the one who should receive it! The love, courage, and determination to BE with your daughter through all that she has suffered since her birth, is beyond remarkable! You carried your daughter through life…you never abandoned her…you gave her your strength! You are an incredible, amazing woman! And, now you are bravely facing your grief. Your courage is heroic!

    7 Things about myself:

    1. I love to laugh.

    2. I cherish the people I meet and who allow me into their lives.

    3. I procrastinate at times…lol…I get involved in writing or reading and do not get the dishes washed! What is procrastination? Avoidance of the inevitable? Power? Game playing? Rebellion? LOL

    4. I love to play with duplo legos and build things!

    5. I came from a family of eleven siblings.

    6. I feel great gratitude to both my Mom & Dad, who taught me to be generous towards others and to be helpful and polite, to exercise sensitivity and compassion. to read, to think, and to persevere.

    7. In the past, I had great difficult believing in myself…I fought depression for a long time…but I made it…and I see how important it is to believe in oneself, to love oneself, and then one can love others so much better! And I love being in love!

    My 15 Nominations are:

    1. Tersia Burger http://tersiaburger.com Tersia, you are a courageous woman to have put out your thoughts and very personal struggles there for all of us to read and feel with you! In so doing, you demonstrate to us that it is okay to ask others for help…you relates to us what it is really like to be human…to be vulnerable…to suffer…and to love. Your blog is the epitome of inspiration and courage! Thank you, Tersia!

    2. Wuji Seshat Nibada http://seshatwuji.wordpress.com Wuji, your poetry is divine! and you cover so many different subjects! Wonderful!

    3. Thomas Maxwell http://thomasmaxwell12 Thomas, you put forth such positive, inspiring life-giving ideas to all generations!

    4. Mary http://marysculptor.wordpress.com Mary, I think your clay sculptures are lovely and so gracious! Thank you for having the courage to create!

    5. Serendipity Point http://emdawn80.wordpress.com Serendipity, your ink drawings are so intense and fascinating! Your selection of postings fill me with thought…your writing leave me thinking deeply.

    6. Miriam Sagan http://miriamswell.wordpress.com I think your writing is fabulous, Miriam, and I think you are fabulous to encourage more writers through your willingness to publish them on your blog! You are an inspiration to all mentors!

    7. Dennis McHale http://dlmchale.com Dennis, I love your honest writing! It takes raw courage to put our true opinions/thoughts out there into the universe β€” I love that about your writing!

    8. Bonnie http://cyberbonn.wordpress.com Bonnie, great selection of photos and appropriate quotationsβ€”well thought out and ever so inspiring! Thank you!

    9. Summer Grow your inner self http://summer4soul.wordpress.com Summer, absolutely positive…wonderful truths…thank you for creating your blog!

    10. Safaa Tasneem TheStm198 http://thedaintydamsel.wordpress.com Safaa, I admire the way you write about love…romantic love…young love…beautiful!

    11. Mark Nelken http://beautifulorange.wordpress.com Mark, I enjoyed reading your article entitled, β€œStuff that inspires me: #1 Paul Thomas Anderson β€”
    it was a new and different information that I had never considered previously…also enjoyed β€œDancing on sand/Living for the now (another excerpt from my 1st draft)” β€” I appreciate your courage to create and to write in such versatile art forms!

    12. Jeremiah http://knowthesphere.wordpress.com Jeremiah, I found your writings so clear and full of mystery, enticing me to search for more understanding of all that you have written, and I am hoping I will have enough time to learn before I leave this planet!

    13. Andy https://dragoneystory.wordpress.com Andy, you have beautiful photographs and lovely thoughts to go with them! And I enjoyed the selection of videos incorporated into you blog! So cool!

    14. http://nadyafauzia.wordpress.com I could not find your name β€” I am technologically challenged β€” I found your blog so inspiring! Your poetry…the videos you posted..the quotations! So inspirational! Thank you! I hope many more will enjoy your blog!

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  49. Good morning, Andy! Please go to johannisthinking.wordpress.com May 9, 2013
    A deliciously sweet thank you for the β€œSuper Sweet Blogger Award!” You have been nominated to receive the Super Sweet Blogger Award!
    ” Andy is a wonderful father and a writer with such an interesting blog…wise sayings….cartoons….videos….something for everyone’s sweet taste! “

  50. A very interactive style of writing …….for me it was like “I had to stop by and spread my eyes on what you’ve written”. Though wasn’t able to go through the entire thing but will will do that in the coming time. πŸ™‚
    keep rocking! Paint the town red! πŸ™‚

  51. Hi Andy! So glad you’re blogging again! As always, your poetical phrases and beautiful imagery are inspirational to me and many others..Keep writing and snapping those lovely photos..lenise :))

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  53. Hi, Andy! Thank you very much for your support of my debut title. As promised, I would like to send you a free e-copy of my work. Please let me know where I can send it to, and what e-book format you’ll need. I can be contacted at Davidlewis0418@gmail.com or through contact on my blog. Have a wonderful day!

  54. Hi Andy, I just burned 3000 calories scrolling to the bottom of this lot to leave a comment (I was even to lazy to see if this is a double up comment)

    Just in case Hi Andy x 2, *delivers virtual Beef Cheese and Bacon Pies*

    #Invoice in the mail

  55. Thank you for your like of my post:
    CC Thought 021114, Stormy Day Thoughts, Song Of Solomon 4:9
    You are very kind.
    Pastor/Equipping The Saints

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  57. It’s pleasurable having you follow my posts and LIKING them. I appreciate your following and the fact that you are a single father and seeing the world through the love and innocence of a beautiful little daughter. God bless you and your home. Be well and Happy Easter to you Andy. Brenda

  58. Hello Awesome Andy πŸ™‚

    I would like to nominate you to participate in a Writing Process Blog Meme.

    If you accept my nomination, you will need to write an article prompted by the following four questions and post it on your blog on Monday, May 12, 2014. You’ll also nominate three writers of your choice to post their articles on their blogs on May 19, 2014. The four questions:

    What am I working on at the moment?
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    Why do I write what I do?
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    I’d be honored if you would accept this nomination. Please let me know ASAP so that I can feature your blog in my post on May 5th,2014

    I will use some info from your About Me Profile information to let my viewers know more about you, if you don’t mind. Or, if you would like me to say something different you could let me know?

    Thanks Andy! I hope you decide to try this. I really enjoy your posts and I think you are an awesome writer.


    • Hi Yazmin πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for the nomination! I’d truly honored to be featured on your blog πŸ™‚ I do apologize in advance though, in writing the prompts as I am very tied up worth work and online studying (The things I do for my daughter lol) old go my best to fulfill the requirements! thanks again πŸ™‚

  59. Thanks for liking my ‘award’s’ post! Kids have great influence…natural and pure…not yet burdened by life. Cheers!

    • Okie let’s see…About me..

      I have a passion for photography, Though because I can’t afford a professional grade camera. I often use my cell phone or a point and shoot to capture nature, especially flowers in the spring and summer, There’s so much beauty out there and I don’t want to miss any of it.

      Okie sooo mmmm let’s see…wait..where are the later questions? lol sori it’s been one of those days at work πŸ™‚

  60. Yay, for single dad’s!!! I love it. Well, I love that you’re taking care of your baby and doing it alone is quite difficult but courageous. And since I’m a single mom, well I’m a mom who is single. Since my daughter is grown and married. I’m encouraged that their are singles dad’s out there too, making it happen. Blessings

      • It will be ok since you put your foot down. She will come to appreciate that in time, believe me. Especially if you and your ex are on same page with her parenting. But if not, you still have the upper hand since you’re her dad. Being attentive is the key to successful parenting. Also being proactive and using good listening skills. If you ever get a chance to read my blog, under Ladybug Chronicles, I have a few silly stories that might encourage you, or at least make you laugh. Wow, did I just try and push my blog on you??? Oops…anyway, all the best and I can’t wait to read more of your blog. πŸ™‚

      • I appreciate that! I’m heading over to your section of the blog πŸ™‚ she’s at the rebellious and telling lies phase especially with her puppy love (they start early these days) but yeah I do try to be attentive, yet somehow my little lady still tells me that I don’t understand what she’s going through? wha?? what the heck does that mean?

  61. That just means, she thinks your old hat and it’s a smoke screen to make you think you don’t get it. But I would just do the math with her and show her just how recent it was that you were her age. Also one other thing, monitor her time watching TV and what not. I was very lucky to have a daughter that didn’t like to watch TV or listen to popular music, which help her become more of an individual that didn’t care for pop culture to much. She was kind of artsy and only had four real close friends during her grade school career.

    • Yah TV and social media, ugh I monitor both but dang that’s a pain in the butt, In a perfect world FB would of never existed. I swear the peer pressure from it alone is destroying children’s education.. :-\

  62. What a wonderful reason to be creative, your daughter must mean a lot to you. The evidence is spread throughout your blog. I love 80′s music as well and so I am sure I will be looking forward to more. Thanks for inspiring me, Allie.

  63. Hi Andy,
    Cee Neuner from Cee’s Photography invited me to be part of a Virtual Blog Tour, which I agreed to and will be posting on Monday, July 7. It is also my turn to extend an invitation to one or more people who’s work I’d like to introduce my readers/followers to. There are four questions to answer and you can also add your photos to the post. I would like to invite you to join the Virtual Blog Tour. You post would be on Monday, July 21st. Please say yes, I love your blog and would like others discover your wonderful blog.

  64. Hi I’ve nominated you for WordPress Very Inspiring Blogger Award. You may already been through this, it’s all new to me. If you’re not interested in participating – that’s fine but perhaps you’ll get a few extra well-deserved readers just from the nomination as I posted your URL on my WordPress site. Go here for an explanation.

    I always enjoy your blog. Lydia


  66. Hi, Im new to blogging, well actually I haven’t blogged on anything yet, haha. still reading around. But I found yours very interesting, short, simple and to the point. It’s really beautiful, and I don’t use that word often. Anyways keep it up πŸ™‚

  67. Hello, not found you on my pages so I missed you and thought of listening to your soothing music so I stopped by.IT is always a pleasure to read your thoughts. I am new in Blogosphere and visiting you keep me inspired to write more and better. You got so many awards ! How I wish I was somewhere near to even one. Well may be one day……

  68. Hello Andy, sorry to bother you again. Actually need a help from you. I published my last post 12 hours ago and submitted my link to The daily post prompt secret admirers. I am frustrated not to see my blog over there despite submitting it thrice. How can I make my ping back functional. I sent a mail too to the hosts but got no reply till now. Do I have to publish the same again or should I forget it and wait for next prompt. I rely on you for don’t have gurus here being new.

    • Hi HI! No worries at all, I noticed that when you cut and paste the link it always starts with


      Delete the s from that and then click okay, Daily prompt will then pick up the link and it will show up, I had to look into people’s codings before I could figure it out, they aren’t the most helpful people in the blogsphere 😦

  69. If anyone can open an Artists eyes, it’s that of our children. Believe me I speak from experience. My daughter and I write together as a mama/daughter duo. Lovely blog & can’t wait to read more!!! Poetry is something near & dear to our hearts! We just published our first poetry book, No Rhyme or Reason. Can’t wait to read yours!!! πŸ˜‰

    • That’s absolutely beautiful that you both share such a strong bond through writing, it is my hope with my daughter. Cheers on your book publishing! you’ve done what I so dream to do one day πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  70. Hi Andy! Question for you….any chance you would be open to me sending you some info on a blog/book tour type thing…this is aimed at bringing more readers to your blog or to your writing ( photography…whatever) projects.
    If you are open to it can you give me an email and I will send the info? It is pretty easy…take about as much time to do as the blog awards do. It is very similar to that.
    Anyway…let me know!

    • Oops ! so sorry Andy I checked up my notifications on phone and misunderstood your reply for above nomination but I could make out my mistake once I saw the thread here on this page. A typo error too I skipped ‘read’ in the above comment. Sorry for eating up so much of space on this lovely page.

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  72. I was a single mom raising my daughter for 11 years, she is now 21 and out of the house. I did the best to raise her working three jobs for all those years. I am just now getting the forms together for my child support case, and hope to finally get my money due to me. Long road but well worth it. Great blog!!

    • I’m still learning so much on how to raise a 13 year old who turns 14 this year, Kudos on your great job raising your daughter! I hope you’ll get your child support money, dang. That just isn’t right when the man doesn’t pay what he’s supposed to. 😦

  73. Your blog is beautiful. I love the photos and your cheery disposition 😊 your personality comes through beautifully! ah-mazing.

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  76. I’m sure you’ve touched every persons’ heart who has watched the origin of your blog.
    This touched mine, too.
    Emptiness still remains this side and for which I’m here, teary eyed.
    She is so lucky. So are you.
    Hoping lifetime togetherness to both of you. ❀

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    • Because it was hijacked by wordpress and their damn advertisements, AGAIN. It’s SO annoying..! I post two photos and what do they do? they slap on their ‘We slapped our logo because’ ugh :-\

      • Yuppers I have and no reply, seems everyone’s doing this lately no matter where you go to try to make some income, But it’s google that runs this so you’d think they’d know better eh?

      • It’s really scary with Google that they keep an eye on us as the they do. But what does WordPress say??? Also I have forgotten to ask you … about your “love-life” – still going strong???!!! *smile

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