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Wordless Wednesday ~ Soft in purple


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DP Prompt ~ Final countdown


Well, here’s yet another repeated prompt. Final countdown, That’s okay though! it gives me a chance to reshare this old favourite.

What would I take with me onto a colony shuttle? Well, for starters! Family and my love of course. Then, fruits of every kind followed by delicacies from every country, It will be a long trip after all. Followed by! All the greatest hits since the 80’s and movies. Did I miss anything? :D




Walking between the shadows..I search for you..Calling out into the dark..Hoping. you will hear..The only desire..I’ve longed to share with you..Within my heart..

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DP Prompt ~ The fourth wall


Is it just me or are the prompts just getting weirder and weirder? today’s prompt asks which movie I would want to be in. Well, If I had a movie? I would like to be in the movie above, To be able to explore the subconscious mind and manipulate it to understand more. The human mind is quite something after all, it never stops expanding in knowledge and stays resilient. :)