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DP Photo challenge ~ Broken



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DP Prompt ~ E.T wants a movie


Today’s prompt is a little funky, An extra terrestrial wants me to pick a movie. Well, If E.T saw any movies I can guarantee it would high tail it out of here! Hollywood is nothing short of crazy when it comes to movies.

So, to answer the prompt I’ll offer one of my favorite characters of all time, Wall-E! why? because this adorable character tries so hard to mimic human interaction with the love of his life, Ivy! simply too fun of a movie 😄😄

As it sleeps..



A lasting slumber..

Ever filled with dreams..

Of a world come alive

Until one day..


To embracing light..

-Andy1076 Registered & Protected  5OFJ-Y5TE-S392-QYJC

DP Prompt ~ Linger


Things I’d like for for to linger, Let’s see. I could go on forever. So, I’ll make a list because I’m lazy lol

– Ice Cream that never melts
– Sunsets at the end of a hot summer
– Time I spend with Glaiza
– Fun conversations
– Love is definitely the biggest one
– Vacations
– Money, Last because you can’t truly buy everything in life
– Commitments

How about you? :)

ta da! how about you? :)