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Will I..



When you open your eyes..

Will I be..

In your thoughts..

When you feel..

The warmth..

Of the morning sun..


Your finger tips..

Will you remember..

The touch..

As we kissed..

Waiting for the sunset..

That we missed..

If you don’t..

I am waiting here..

To love you still..


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Wordless Wednesday ~ Kiss from the rain


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When people value others on income


I’m often reminded about how much money and power influences my worth to someone, it seems that some people value material possessions, over honest and sincere traits from the heart such as devotion and dedication.

I then find myself asking, when did people stop valuing traits such as honesty and start making excuses with gifts? has it really become the only measure of one’s worth to someone? something to think about.

If some people would start honest


It’s a funny thing about people, these days everyone wants to get a feeling about you first. Before they decide whether or not to talk to you, I can’t say I blame them with the way society is these days. People lie, scheme and plot to get what they want.

Maybe if people could be more honest from the start, nobody would ever have to go through so much trouble. Am I the only one that feels this way?