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For some, it’s just their nature


We often meet someone who gives us the impression that they are interested, they give us that feeling of certainty making us think that we finally found the one.

Sadly, at the same time we forget that for some. It is in their nature to be the way they are, it soon after dawns on us that all the effort we put in was for nothing. Misunderstandings and false hope follows soon after and you wonder why you ever tried.

Save yourself the trouble of ending up in false hopes and painful disappointments, see how they are with others before you decide that they really feel that way about you first.

Blunt opinion on personal change


There are too many times when i wonder why i care so much, about people who just want me to entertain them and feed their need for attention and popularity. Too many times i’m always standing there politely saying hello and all they are doing is looking around for better, then when they find better they walk away leaving me to look like a fool talking to myself. I really need to stop wasting time around these people and take a page from them, i won’t use others for the sake of personal entertainment however. Otherwise i’d go down to their level, no. I will be the better person by simply ignoring them, why should i be someone’s fool when i could be everything to someone who actually appreciates me? i’m not bitter. I’m actually thankful for her showing me how worthless i am, before i realized that i needed to change my perspective on things.

It’s the start of another week


Last week probably counted as likely the worst week I had in a long time. Someone I thought was a friend stabbed me in the back, then a girl I used to know took his side and his lies because she has known him longer. Later the day compounded by two more people told me to get lost when I just wanted to remind them that I’m here after I read that they were going through a bad day. I don’t know what I did to deserve that, but I didn’t let that change who I am.

I believe god created us to care about others no matter how badly others treat us, so that parents can pass on to their children the lessons in forgiveness and in understanding. The lessons of which I am blessed my daughter has now understood, sometimes even she reminds me of my own lessons that I teach her. How I tend to forget in my moments of frustration, still I hope for a better week to come..

To you i’d rather be


One guy showers you with presents when he doesn’t make it to a date with you..

The other guy has never failed to be there for you when you needed someone, even if he didn’t always buy you everything you want.

One guy holds your hand and kisses you telling you he loves you but, he can’t answer the phone because he won’t take a risk at work.

The other guy feels that without you he doesn’t have much reason to do what he does, so he answers no matter what.

One guy tells you goodnight and that’s all you hear from him until the next day.

The other guy says talk to you later and he leaves his phone beside him, always hoping to talk to you again soon.

Everyone has their own opinions, I respect that. But, I’d rather be the other guy. I used to be the other guy..