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The day I was reminded how deeply I missed my love..Was the day I returned to the place where without her..Somewhere which without her..I could never again call home..



It doesn’t matter how many gifts you give each other..They will never fill the space inside your heart..Only the sweetest memories you make under the warm sunlight will forever last..



It’s been so long now..Since I looked into your eyes..Cherishing the way they shine..Ever so bright..Even longer..Since I felt your hand softly clinging to mine..Never letting us part..Never far..Reminding me that we would never lose the devotion we’ve always had..Even to this day..You granting me a place in your heart..Despite the ocean keeping us apart..Thank you my love..For giving me the chance to cherish the joy..In more ways than I ever have..





Through the labyrinth of my past..

You have entered my heart..

Searched my dreams..

And touched my soul..

Setting me free..

To love..

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