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Reaching your goals, with your heart..


When the world tries to tell you that you can’t accomplish your goals, don’t just show them that you can. But, also show them how so they may also reach theirs. Don’t do it out of spite and don’t do it just because you want to rub it in their faces, but do it so that they may pass the message to the next person. They will never forget your good will and don’t do it out of the need for popularity because a real heart asks for no recognition, a real heart stays humble. It’s too easy to fall into the temptation of being ambitious as ambition leads to greed and with greed you lose yourself into expectations. Then from expectations we are led to disappointment, so go for your goals and remember to listen to your heart before your mind.

Someday you might understand


I might smile, laugh or look the other way whenever you play games with my feelings. I’m not being a fool, nor do I choose to be one. I’m just waiting for you to see, what a real friend is willing to put himself through. Just in case you need someone to talk to, Maybe then you will understand patience and the value of a real heart.

You can’t hold on to what is gone..


Some feelings you can’t hold on to once they are can’t hold on to love once it is can’t hold on to affection when you no longer feel it..nor can you hold the warmth once the heart has become can hold on to only hope..not the hope that the feeling will return..hope that you will have the strength to realize you gave it all you had and..that it is time to move on..the wisdom to realize that there’s nothing left to look back at..