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One day..


If I could travel..Like a leaf..Carried through the gentle winds beneath an angel’s wings..I would pray that some day I will arrive by your side..So that we could discover..Eternity..Holding you eternally..In my arms as we discover..Love..Forever..Through time..

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Wordless Wednesday ~ Kiss from the rain


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Have you left your mark in this world?


If you ever felt that your life has been unfulfilled, look back and ask yourself who’s life you have influenced in a positive way. Have you done something for someone so that they will do the same for others? if your answer is yes then congratulations, you have fulfilled your life in the best way possible.

Living your life has nothing to do with having the chance to have been in the most passionate relationship, climbed the highest mountains or gone to the far reaches of the world. None of these will matter, if at the end of that journey you realize that nobody knows you did it. Contribute to the world by showing them the reasons you did it, then encourage them to chase after their dreams. That’s when you know you have lived your life to the fullest, when you have left a mark in the world..

Be honest with yourself


Repressed thoughts are like ropes being wound up together, the more you try not to think about something the more it builds up. Then the more it builds up the more tension you feel from it, until eventually you snap and the worst thing you can do is snap at the one person that matters in your life most.

Be honest with yourself, show your real feelings and your real thoughts. Don’t ever assume nobody will understand, there’s always someone ready to hear your thoughts if only they knew.