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One day..


If I could travel..Like a leaf..Carried through the gentle winds beneath an angel’s wings..I would pray that some day I will arrive by your side..So that we could discover..Eternity..Holding you eternally..In my arms as we discover..Love..Forever..Through time..

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Wordless Wednesday ~ Kiss from the rain


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Faith starts within you


I gave some thought as to what i haven’t tried yet, i learned a number of things within myself and have overcome a lot of my fears. So, the thought of my daughter came and i thought about what lesson i may learn about faith through her.

I then realized that as a toddler she always feared the swimming pool, every time we dressed her up in a cute little swimsuit she always had this look of worry in her face. She would kick all over the place desperately holding on to me because of her fear, but gradually she got over her fear and not long after, she stopped using floaters and started to swim. It was a few short years before she started competing in swimming races with her club, not long later we took her out to do some ice skating. She struggled of course, kept falling time and again and no matter how hard she fell, she always seemed to want to just give up but every time she did. She looked at me and it wasn’t the look of worry that i might be disappointed, but the look of determination.

In time she started taking figure skating lessons once she became better than i could of imagined, of course as a father i am beaming in pride. I’ve wondered what gave her so much drive and determination, i wasn’t there for her during the weekdays to cheer her on when i wish i could.

Then, it struck me and i realized it was the one thing we all forget. Faith, when she was fearful of the swimming pool she had faith that she would one day through her kicking understand what it is like to rid of the floaters. When she went onto the ice at the arena she had faith that she would understand how to skate, faith had in herself gave her the drive to continue. All i did, was let her understand this on her own. If it wasn’t for our faith in ourselves we would never be able to climb the highest mountains or reach our lofty goals, if it wasn’t for faith we would never understand how god must feel when he see us accomplish impossible goals.

Time to change it up!


I’ve been working out constantly since 2001 since i lost 140 pounds, not bragging or anything but it’s the weight that I’ve lost within the months after i accepted the fact that my ex spouse wasn’t going to stop making my life difficult. Anyways, over the years I’ve lost a lot of weight and turned my life around with a healthy regiment of smart eating and daily exercises of 30 minute jogs followed with alternate days where i do 15 repetitions of circuit training. But i think I’ve peaked because i don’t seem to be gaining much muscle mass, yet i see a lot of people being able to break through their barriers! i’m not using them as an example of what i want as i learned that’s just setting myself for failure, i’ll just end disappointed and probably give up if i can’t reach that point.

So, i wonder what people’s opinions are on whether to keep the circuit training or is more endurance and cardio the one that most people prefer from someone these days? what does a triathlon need to succeed? because from what i’m seeing there seems to be a variety of everything! think i need more work on my core too, so any advice on that would be very much appreciated thanks!! :)