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Single parents, I salute you!

Single parents, I salute you!


Perfect is too small a word for this post, Being a single parent myself. Proud, Always looking to her smile every time I see her. 😊

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Here I stand, dishevelled, and on the brink of insanity. Surrounded by a sea of chaos, slowly losing the will to carry on. Tears tickle the corners of my eyes, foretelling the fall of floodgates, holding back a sea of sorrow. I take a deep breath, count to ten and think to myself, “Only one more week!”

One more week until…?

Only one more week until my husband flies back to the U.K and this tiny taste of single parenthood will become nothing but a distant memory. A memory I will most likelysuppress into the deepest darkest pockets of my subconscious, never to see the light again.

After only 7 months of ‘doing it alone’, I’m a shadow of the person I used to be. A nervous wreck, who desires nothing more than to curl up into a foetal position and play dead. Of course, my minute’s worth of…

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Internet ‘Trolling’ Sees 150 People Jailed


~About damn time I’d say, Annoying enough that we get spammed daily on Instagram and here with ads and hoaxes.




As a rose..


As the summer’s touch..

Her beauty..

Shines ever brightly..

In my heart..

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And this my friends is how you make coffee ^.^/


From what I’m told, this is the way to get air out of the coffee for that creamy smooth taste, I’ve never personally experienced it but sure hope some day ^.^