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  1. Hey, Andy, I ran across this info in the Funds for Writers newsletter today and wanted to pass along to you because you’re in BC. I suspect you get a million emails, so I’ll put it here in case you’re interested:
    Boulevard welcomes writers’ queries. We are interested in articles that capture the vitality of Vancouver Island through its people, arts, culture, social and health issues, leisure, food, recreation, architecture and design. We pay 25-30 cents a word for most features and 25 cents a word for travel. Most articles are 850 words. ”
    //BTW, 25-30 cents/word is a phenomenal rate! 🙂 Good luck!

      • No worries, Andy! On a side note, you might like to surf over to National Geographic’s site, toward middle of page it says photos and has a hotlink that says “photos of the year.” I notice that there’s a night-time photo of Taiwan (I think Taipei City) there; it made me think of all your photos. They have been such a treat over these (can it be years already!?) years that I’ve followed your blog. Anyway, long story short, have a great week!

      • You are always so good to me, I am so grateful 🙂 I lost a lot of my photos recently since my last phone fizzed before I could back it up :S hopefully I can take even more in the upcoming trip to Philippines to visit Glaiza’s part of the world ☺️

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