A dream..If it were such a wish..



Have you ever..Discovered a rose..You could never touch..Nor ever know..How it feels..To hold it..In your hand..Like a dream that you long to see..Every time you close your eyes..Would you ever know..It is your love..I seek to have..To hold your hand..In mine..


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New light..



When the sun rises..

Think of us..

One more time..

As you open your eyes..


The words we shared..

Before we parted that night..

So we may continue to share..

The warmth of our love..

In the new light..

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For today’s slightly morbid prompt I couldn’t come up with anything
except this, I hope it’s alright?

DP Prompt ~ Circle of five


Today’s prompt asks

A writer once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If this is true, which five people would you like to spend your time with?


Even these masked bandits are working on their daily prompt today :D

Even these masked bandits are working on their daily prompt today :D

Well, If I had to choose five people I wish to spend my time with, It would be family. Starting of course, with my daughter and my siblings. Why? Because they will always be there for you through the thick and ugly of it no matter what it takes. What’s that saying? some friendships may fall apart but family never will? however it goes? It’s proven time and again to be true. How about you? ^.^/

DP Prompt ~ Plead the fifth





We ask the question of why..Each and every day of our lives and it is something we wish we could find..Some things are simply meant to be found..At the right time..


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