DP Prompt ~ Brick



I have searched for so long to be with someone who would understand my heart, Someone who would accept my many flaws and show me there is a future ahead for me where I won’t be alone. That everything I endured, was worth it.
I never thought that day would come, Until I met Glai right here on WordPress. Our story began with simply two bloggers sharing thoughts within our hearts, Then it grew into something more profound than I could ever write. Yes, she is the inspiration behind my poems and all of my posts, she brings me more joy than I could have ever known and through the longest days. Gives me reason to go on, She gives me strength every passing day to face even the worst of storms. My love and my brick, If I may say that?

Taipei visit day three


On day three my cousin heard about Glai’s birthday and wanted to give her a nice treat. So, we went to a Japanese restaurant.

This dish above is absolutely amazing, I don’t remember the sauce they used but it is out of this world! So very tasty especially with the thin pork slices.

There’s no actual English name for this, But in Mandarin? It’s called water bamboo. By itself there’s no actual taste but when grilled with Japanese mayo? Wow!! the flavours completely come out an the decor, It was laid out so pretty I felt guilty taking it apart lol

This bamboo dish was presented so beautiful and the taste of the bamboo just came bursting out with every bite!

Next up! Is seasoned crab legs, I don’t know how they did it but the peppery flavours went right into the meat, the shell was so easy to peel off too.

Remember how I mentioned that it was a surprise birthday celebration for Glai? well here’s item number one! Chilled noodles! because in Chinese culture? Noodles represent long life, we wanted to wish Glai a very long prosperous life.

After finishing all the delicious dishes, We further surprised her with a blueberry cheesecake ^.^/

A happy birthday for the deepest love I have ever known, She has given me more love than I could ever put in words, In my hardest days she is the one who gives me strength to go on, I love you Glaiza Binayas. I am so blessed to have you in my life  ❤️

DP Prompt ~ Pensive high in the mountain of Jiu’Fen Taiwan


It had been over 13 years since i last traveled to Taipei, Taiwan. I never imagined seeing so much nature and history up in the mountains of Jiu’fen. What I would give to go back again, It’s so beautiful and the air is so fresh I could be happy living there all my life