Very tame sharks :)




If there is one thing that I always enjoy doing, It would be visiting aquariums wherever I go, It’s fun to see how places have them set up and you never know what you are going to find! Like these sharks, I have never seen them sleep like this (I am assuming they are sleeping?) so peacefully and so misunderstood. Must be nice, if they were roaming around freely in the ocean to be able to swim so fast and explore the ocean floors 🙂 


A Canadian in a trike 🛵


When I first saw these trikes in the Philippines, I was sceptical about how efficient they would be. They looked incredibly cramped and didn’t think the bike could go far, Heck I thought I’d have to eventually help push haha! But! I was pleasantly surprised to see how Glai and I were able to see all of Carles Iloilo’s sights, This trike could also get through all the smallest roads and narrow entrances to places too, Perfect! 😄

WPC – Pedestrian


Pedestrians at Binondo, Chinatown in Manila.


Walkway at Skybridge at Taipei 101


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