DP Prompt ~ Quirks



What is one of my quirky habits? Well, When it comes to writing I have a habit of trying to make the words meld with the next. I’ll re-read it here and there, Then if it doesn’t sound quite right I will do it until it works. Is that OCD? I’m not sure, but I do stay true to my motto though. To write whatever is on my mind at the time, oof does my response even make sense? haha!


DP Prompt ~ Of watermelons and rain 


So, I’m eating the best watermelon I’ve ever had and it starts to rain. What do I do you ask? well, I live in Vancouver. Lovingly also known as Raincouver, In this city we learn that weather will always be utterly unpredictable. So, I tend to keep a plastic poncho with me just in case. I’ll then rinse my hands with water coming in the waves and prepare to take photos of raindrops on the branches, rocks and anything else I’ll see. What can I say? I love photography :)