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It begins..

With the stroke of a single brush..

Painting  on canvas..

The tales of so many wishes yet to come..

Ever waiting for the day..

When it may be shared by the one..

Who would hear the whispers of a longing heart..

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Truly..As the words I speak..Before our sweetest kiss..Deeply..As the devotion we feel when our lips touch..I make the promise..To be by your side..Always..Through the coldest nights..Beyond the days..When the sun no longer shines..



In your photograph

I  can still hear your voice

Whispering in my ears

The wish to see neon lights

Under the clear night sky

In your photograph

I can still feel your fingers

Entwined between mine 

As we felt the breeze upon the trees

Blessing lovers who will never again

Be apart

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On that day



You walked down the stairs..On that hot summer day..Looking at me with  your ever warm..Gentle smile..Always leaving me speechless..But we never needed words..Did we..For you’ve always known the thoughts on my mind..That no matter how far we will be apart..You will always remember the look in my eyes..Greeting the one who has all of my heart..In ways..None could ever have..

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