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A poll if I may?


I still remember, that one day when my daughter and I were playing the board game “Life”. She was roughly 8 at the time, My little lady loved the game for the fun of driving a plastic car around and watching how one situation happens after another. But, every so often she would come to a point in the game where you can sue another player for damages for $5000. Or, was it less? Anyways, My daughter not once ever sued me and asked to skip the part. Nor did I on her, I didn’t want to spoil her image of how beautiful the world was yet and she had such a beautiful face of pride on her towards me.

Now at her age of 12. She had entered the world of Facebook, I was skeptical at first but she agreed to give me her password and keep me in the loop about everything. Then one day on a routine check, I found out about this boy she had taken an interest to. A boy from school and her age, who says he took a punch for her. Then, romeo’d her way into her heart, he seemed like just another typical boy. Until I started seeing him hinting to my daughter about inappropriate acts of making out and hiding in corners, I intervened immediately via my own Facebook account, Told the boy that was the last message he would be sending her. But, that just made him tell my daughter that she should take his side against me. Long story short though, I spoke with the boy’s mother and that was the end of that. Or so I thought, he snuck onto his Facebook once in a while still to further stir the pot. I had no choice now, I couldn’t very well stop him from going on Facebook completely so my ex and I had to take away her iPod access. It was the only way to protect her from him, It’s unnerving that a 12 year old could have this mindset. Now, I got some negative comments before for checking my 12 year old daughter’s Facebook for concern for her safety. I hated having to take away her beautiful smile, but I couldn’t very well stand aside as she was being preyed on by another child who is treating her all the wrong lessons. So, I’d like to ask, If I may for your opinion, I hope you don’t mind? thank you so much in advance 🙂