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DP Prompt ~ Good vs evil


Today’s prompt asks to define the difference between good and evil.

In my opinion? there’s no real definition. We all make decisions on a daily basis and they define us and even those are perceived in different ways, does that make sense? :)




From the tears of heaven..

Hope was born..

Yet Through the many storms..

It could endure

no more..


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Wordless Wednesday ~ Nature on canvas



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DP Prompt ~ Childhood nostalgia


The prompts are going through yet another cycle, But that’s alright! I’m happy to share what I used to listen to as a kid back in Chile. President Pinochet was tough, But he at least allowed ‘some’ good music to be aired and the above was certainly my favorite.

I also listened to this, On a cassette tape at that! Does anyone remember what the button to play the OTHER side of tape looks like? I do miss those days lol!

.. Ya I had to 😄😄