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A tough habit to crack haha!



I don’t have anything for today’s prompt of penchant, But in this video I did try my best to break the habit of saying “Hey Guys!” I tried! But, Oof! It’s a tough habit to break when I am so nervous trying to make a live video haha! Anyways! Welcome to Manila Bay, One of the most beautiful within the city places I’ve ever been to ^.^/

Still learning 


It’s times like this..That I am reminded of how much more I have to learn..Before I discover the sense of peace I long for deep inside..
* Not quite prompt but I got no other ideas ✌️

As it played 


It was in the distance..Yet I could hear the orchestra of the heavens play right before my eyes..So beautiful..As it brought peace to my ever longing heart..

WPC ~ Waiting 


Waiting for the sunrise

Waiting for the sunset

Waiting for the night