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Wordless Sunday track


..Then comes one of those days

DP Prompt ~ Forever young


Would I drink from the fountain of youth. Truthfully speaking? if you asked me this a few years ago I would say yes. I would be the first one to grab a goblet and drink from the fountain of youth. But now that I have found love at long last? By someone who accepts me for all that I am. No I won’t because I believe that we age as a way to always remind ourselves how much we should appreciate the life that we have. To cherish every moment, both laughter and tears that eventually lead us to the place we are meant to be. If that makes sense?




Once more..We greet the coming night..The silence that greets before our eyes..Before we slumber..To the dreams of a world..Yet to come..Where..Hope..And destiny..Are forever..Entwined..


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RipplesĀ in the water..

Dance before my eyes..

Listening to tales on my mind..

As I sit in wonder..

If you will also hear..

The dreams in my heart..

For you and I..


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