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A place 


It’s a funny thing, How we’re born in one place but a part of us will always know that it’s not where we belong. That there’s more out there and we must find it, no matter what it takes and no matter how far you have to go. 

In this case, if that’s the word? it was the Philippines, I’ve always had a longing for the culture and the place and once I found it? I got the peace that I had longed for, so much that I felt revitalized and even my alopecia was gone 🙂

Windows in the Philippines 😃 


Philippines national museum

Venice plaza, BGC

Manila, Makati.


Wordless Wednesday ~ Foodie week 



We might have met in our past life..
A moment when we were together..
Living joyfully and never cried..
Kissed at every morning rise..
Caressed under a clear blue sky..
The sun ever up high..
We could have lived our separate lives..
Passing each other by..
Never given our moment a single try..
Wandering by..
Longing for that single moment..
Never even saying hello or good bye..
So many thoughts pass through my mind..
Watching everyone pass me by..
As I waited to see your smile..