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Unedited..Random yet dedicated


If we had met earlier..

Would you see through my eyes..

If I had spoken the words..

Would you have seen my heart..

If I told you what we would have..

Would you have held my hand..

Maybe there is no need to wonder..

With the love we now have..

Yet if there ever a chance..

To return in time..

I would..

To save you the sadness you once had..

Always being your only one..





Like film..

Our story..

Leads from one moment..

Onto the next..

Telling of love..

That will shine brightly..

For all to see..


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In every relationship..There comes a moment..After the tears have fallen and the words..Have been spoken that we realize..How much more our love still grows even if we are miles apart..


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I could not feel the warmth..Of the embracing sun until the day..I saw your smile..Or the wind’s..Gentle caress..Until that moment..When you looked into my eyes and said..This is a love..That will forever last..For you are all..That’s in my heart..


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