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DP Prompt ~ EdibleΒ 


Edible! Whew! I’ve been posting so many foods lately that I’m already out of what to share lol! So, I’ll share another set of photos from my experience in the Philippines, Greenwich! in Manila’s Mall Of Asia.  

Pasta & Pizza with rice

One of the things you’ll always find in the Philippines is rice with just about every meal, They really do love that white fluffy goodness! The pasta was amazing, I am very picky about mine and it was perfectly al dente πŸ‘Œ

I couldn’t finish my pizza because it was simply too much food, So I gave slices to Glai. Her order was lasagna with garlic stick and chicken with gravy on the side, But wait! Where’s the rice?? 😲

Overall experience was great! friendly staff and not too noisy, Which is always nice especially since I can’t understand anything anyone is saying haha! 


Tailored to gross you out πŸ˜¨




Throwback Thursday 😁


Way back in 2012 I got my very first smartphone,  The iPhone 4, It was the best purchase I ever made and I started to take as many photos as I could, It was great and it was fun! So much, that I made a video πŸ™‚ 

Please note, I don’t own the soundtrack πŸ™‚

What they say about variety πŸ˜„