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Time to change it up!


I’ve been working out constantly since 2001 since i lost 140 pounds, not bragging or anything but it’s the weight that I’ve lost within the months after i accepted the fact that my ex spouse wasn’t going to stop making my life difficult. Anyways, over the years I’ve lost a lot of weight and turned my life around with a healthy regiment of smart eating and daily exercises of 30 minute jogs followed with alternate days where i do 15 repetitions of circuit training. But i think I’ve peaked because i don’t seem to be gaining much muscle mass, yet i see a lot of people being able to break through their barriers! i’m not using them as an example of what i want as i learned that’s just setting myself for failure, i’ll just end disappointed and probably give up if i can’t reach that point.

So, i wonder what people’s opinions are on whether to keep the circuit training or is more endurance and cardio the one that most people prefer from someone these days? what does a triathlon need to succeed? because from what i’m seeing there seems to be a variety of everything! think i need more work on my core too, so any advice on that would be very much appreciated thanks!! šŸ™‚