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Windows in the Philippines šŸ˜ƒĀ 


Philippines national museum

Venice plaza, BGC

Manila, Makati.


Wordless Wednesday ~ Foodie weekĀ 



We might have met in our past life..
A moment when we were together..
Living joyfully and never cried..
Kissed at every morning rise..
Caressed under a clear blue sky..
The sun ever up high..
We could have lived our separate lives..
Passing each other by..
Never given our moment a single try..
Wandering by..
Longing for that single moment..
Never even saying hello or good bye..
So many thoughts pass through my mind..
Watching everyone pass me by..
As I waited to see your smile.. 



We often have to take two steps back and reflect, Before we can be freed from everything that once held us back.