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DP Prompt ~ What’s your style?


My style, Okay. Well, I’m actually a very easy going guy, not really into fashion or expensive suit etc, I believe that a person is defined by the choices they make and the actions they take. But! Just for the sake of answering the prompt? here are some things I am


I can be pretty serious when I need to be, You know like for an interview or a mugshot for not recycling a bottle or eating the last slice of cake in the fridge.


On occasion, I can be a tree! which in this case is my daughter taking a photo of me without me knowing while I explained how old the trees around me were, Mental note! observe finger on camera trigger!


On occasion, I also have to sacrifice my manhood for the sake of entertainment. Yep, I’m willing to go this far. Once! 😛

How about you? what’s your style? :)

The first time



The first time your heart breaks..

It breaks in two..

So in time it will be mended as one..

The second time your heart breaks..

It shatters to pieces..

So you can rebuild memories once more..

The third time your heart breaks..

It no longer beats the same..

Yet it still calls out for a name..

For The heart always longs..

Love is all it wants..



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DP Prompt ~ Red faced moments


Embarrassing moments huh? I think the one that stands out even today was when I was a kid, my dad had just painted new chairs brown but didn’t tell anyone. So, here I was a bored 5 year old kid and sat on it, we walked around town after and didn’t realize it until a few minutes into the city that there was a blotch of brown on my butt! then you wonder why people were avoiding me lol!!

Then the next one, is my early stages of ulcer, I have very high tolerance for pain so I went to the treadmill anyways at a private gym, yeah that didn’t work out. Gas? apparently is not something good to share with regular gym people :P

Your turn! ;)




Find me..In the place..Where there are no lights..Just..The longing..For the warmth of your heart..Find me..And let’s discover..Once more..How love still shines..Under the starless sky..


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