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Close your eyes my love..
Just for a little while..
Listen to the sound of the rain..
Do you hear the music..
Hidden in the rhythms within..
Feel the way the raindrops slip..
Along your fingertips..
Softly like a gentle kiss..
catch them all in your hands..
And you will know..
How granting you eternal joy..
Is ever my eternal wish..

DP Prompt ~ Transformation 



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DP Prompt ~ Antiques that served their purpose 



Angry baboons


These guys weren’t too pleased to see visitors at Taipei Zoo when Glai and I went to visit them, they were making noises at us as if telling us to stop staring. Can’t say I blame them though, If i were stuck behind glass stared at all day I’d be prolly be annoyed too?

Eventually one of them did sit down and things got quiet, Alpha male maybe?