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To the mountains..


Hoover Dam

To the mountains..I stand before you and say..Rise as high as you wish..So I may look back to see..Where I have been..To the oceans beyond..Spread as wide as you like..So I may sail across the distance..To the one who has heard my single wish..

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From archives ~ Road



A winding road lies before my eyes..Inviting the chance to leave all behind..Yet a voice still calls me back..Speaking words..Of how it is not yet the time..Until I set free the emotions..Carried deep within my longing heart..

DP Prompt ~ What stories would these ones tell?


Ding Tai Fong dumpling house greeter

Coffee house spokesperson in Taipei

Naver line store at Taipei 101

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Past post ~ Being..



There will always be times..When our love will not shine..The way it always has..Even more moments..When you may wonder where has gone..It’s not perfect..This much I know..But I hope you will always remember..Being with you..Is the greatest gift..I never thought I’d ever receive..

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