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As the sun set

It whispered that it was time to return home

But It was not my wish

For I was not yet ready

To let the sun set

Holding her in my warm embrace

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DP Prompt ~ Pensive high in the mountain of Jiu’Fen Taiwan


It had been over 13 years since i last traveled to Taipei, Taiwan. I never imagined seeing so much nature and history up in the mountains of Jiu’fen. What I would give to go back again, It’s so beautiful and the air is so fresh I could be happy living there all my life

DP Prompt ~ Turn back time


Today’s prompt asks what if I could turn back time. What would I do.

Truth be told, I don’t spend time thinking about the past. It’s already written so what’s the point of dwelling on it? But, Alright I’ll indulge. If I could turn back time? I would do as the song says. I’d save it all for the one I finally found and love, No more tears or sadness from the pain that follows every time we wish we were together.

On the world stage side of things I’d warn the world of the attacks in the world, It’s changed so much of who we are. How about you? what would you change if you could?

Apart yet..



A moment we share apart..

Yet in time..

Finally as one..

*Part of a series thanks to my Glai for recommending I go for a walkabout in my neighborhood 🙂 

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