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DP Prompt ~ Dreams


I could tell of endless dreams, Enough to make your head spin or your ears covered until next year,  So. Let me just tell you what my dream job is, doing crazy things like this for awesome views and a lifetime to say ‘I did it!’

You? any dreams or nightmares to share? :)



With every morning rise..

I feel my first breath..

Taken away..

By the sight..

Of your beautiful eyes..

With your every glance..

I feel my heart..

Skip a beat..

Before you even speak..

With every touch..

I feel your love..

Travel to my soul..

With the message..

You are the one..

I longed for..


in my heart..



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DP Prompt ~ Close up





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DP Prompt ~ Well I never


What would I not recommend that people should truly avoid? Well, Minions here have PLENTY of advice, but sure! I’ll go random. :)

First, Don’t rebound. It hurts more in the end, plus you’re just going to find yourself more disappointed than when you started.

Second, Don’t be afraid to try something new, Never know. It could reveal a part of you that you never knew you had.

Third and biggest thing, Don’t drive from BC, Canada down to Newport, Oregon and vise versa in a hatchback. My glutes are still hating me for it, The roads on the freeway get so bad that I felt myself shaking even in my sleep. Definitely renting an SUV next time, yups!

How about you? Any pearls of wisdom to share? :)