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Entranced..By the look in her eyes..Enraptured..By a single touch..I give my heart..For there is none..That could reach my soul..In the way she always has..

Repost ~ Sudden inspiration by music..Journey..


Come join me gentle breeze..Tell me tales of your journeys..Take me embracing wind..Bring me to places..I’ve only dreamed..Show me wonders you have seen..


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ps : I haven’t got anything for today’s random prompt, So I’d like to share this 🙂 


DP Prompt ~ Destinations


Where would I like to go, Alright. First  I’d like to backpack across Europe. See the world through an unguided eye, Just so I can take it all in.

Then, there’s of course Asia. Notice how I didn’t say specifically Japan this time? lol!

Last but not least! the remote locations, Those places that are magical wonders on their own.

How about you? where would you like to go right this second? 🙂




A painting of the heart..Shrouded in time..Yet within a single glance..It’s colors come to life..Reliving all that was once only the past..

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