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This is insanely awesome! My passion for photography just went through the roof!


DP Prompt ~ Tell the future?


So, Today’s prompt asks what if I could predict what’s happening next and what I would do? with it? I suppose I could use the usual win a lottery ticket. But, That would be too boring. What If I could useĀ it to save lives? So many earthquakes have happened over the past few years and so many lives have been lost. I could use it to send warning ahead, Yes. Time might correct itself to make something happen anyways. But, In the process we would still save a few right? I would gladly give up years of my life for this if I could. ^.^

DP Prompt ~ Nostalgia


Things I miss about the old days, Well. Let’s see, For one I miss the street side arcades. Yep! that’s something I really do wish it stayed a little longer,  I mean sure! there are a few inside shopping malls but it’s just not the same? Back then it was a place you could hang out at with friends on a rainy day.

I’ll tell you one thing I do NOT miss though! VHS,  ugh the number of times I’d have to pull the ribbon out and use a pen to spool it all back in,  drove me nuts lol!




As I stand before this sunset..Upon the shimmering light..I cast forth to the coming night..A single wish..That every glitter..Be a memory we make together..Keeping our love..Eternally close to our hearts..


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