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If you will..



From the memories we made..To devotion.Never before felt..I offer you..Love with no end..If you grant me the chance..To show..How you will not know doubt..Ever again..


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The beauty in nature’s lessons



A few weeks ago, We found some roots in the back yard, They were standing on their own but we didn’t know exactly what they were. All we knew was that fall was coming and they wouldn’t have a chance to grow. So, we placed them inside an old potato salad bucket and hoped they would grow something. A few days later, with care and attention these grew. Indoors at that! I guess this is another one of nature’s lessons, that with patience? change is always possible. :) 

DP Prompt ~ Change


I don’t really have photos that would actually show change over time, So. I hope this will be alright. I made this video sometime ago showing the transition of the seasons, with a variation of iPad, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices over the years, Hope you’ll like ^.^/

This Inspired the movie Hugo :)