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Semi wordless Wednesday ~ Are you sure you set the timer?


DP Prompt ~ Grudges schmudges


Today’s prompt asks if I would hold a grudge, My answer is why. What’s the point of holding a grudge? I’d rather live a long life, Cherishing everything that I hold dear rather than spending it reminding myself and them about how disappointed I am, I actually feel sorry for people who live their lives hating others.

Live like a minion and you’ll live a long happy life, that’s how I see it! 😄😄




Sleep..Under the angel’s weep..Dream..Of rebirth once the world becomes again green..Where blue skies will once again be seen..

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DP Prompt ~ Seat Guru (Again)


I could write another repeat prompt about who I would like to meet, Again. But, instead I decided to give you all a little chuckle instead, Credits go to my friend Shira who initially shared it with me on Facebook 😄