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Nothing speaks louder about devotion, Than sharing a passion together exploring the world hand in hand, Eagerly waiting for new discoveries to come.

Guimaras IloIlo



This is a small clip of my visit to Guimaras located in IloIlo Philippines, The way to get there is via plane from Manila, Then from there you take a boat to Guimaras Island. The journey can be a little tedious if you aren’t a fan of riding outrigger boats and small trikes, But that is by far the best way to really explore versus riding a bus or a van where you can’t really take in the fresh air and the sounds.

I have never experienced any of theseĀ things until my travel to explore Glai’s beautiful country, There is so much history and people are so kind. Always happy to help out and answer any questions you may have, Very safe too as there are armed security guards at all retail stores and around the streets. Contrary to the media hype and negativity you see on the news every day about this country, Because once you visit you will see how it is truly paradise šŸ™‚