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DP Prompt ~ Change


I don’t really have photos that would actually show change over time, So. I hope this will be alright. I made this video sometime ago showing the transition of the seasons, with a variation of iPad, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices over the years, Hope you’ll like ^.^/

This Inspired the movie Hugo :)





Wherever the road may lead..However far it goes..I will be by your side..Be the light..Guiding you through the dark..Carry you..If you stumble and take you the rest of the way..


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DP Prompt ~ Highs and lows


Describing a moment when I had my biggest high of joy and suddenly feeling down. Okie, Let’s see. I have to say that my biggest joy was watching my daughter finally arrive. That first minute that I laid eyes on her, Like all babies she was slow at the whole opening eyes routine but when she did for the first time? that made me tear up, it was such a precious moment.

Now the sadness? Hum, Well I can’t say it’s sadness per say. But, rather a longing. The one I love, Is an entire ocean away but I am heading over to meet her so, Sometime down the road the wandering poet is off on a short hiatus :)