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Wordless Wednesday ~ Nature on canvas



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Repost ~ A journey begins..proud eagle..

From above the waterfall..
A feather falls..
From once proud wings..
Through the fields below..
Carried across..
By humble prairie breeze
soaring the distance..
Past the tallest hills..
Dancing with the wind..
It’s destination untold..
Until it rests at last..
Upon an embracing stream..
It’s journey coming to end..
Once seen by his mate..
As she catches his scent..
Her wings proudly spread..
Upon the heavens she soars so high..
Yet another feather falls from the sky..
Another journey begins once more..
Like all the hearts..
Who learn to love again..

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Repost for the recycled prompt ~ An act of kindness


Instead of a post for today’s prompt, I would like to share something that I saw online that touched my heart. YouTube or not, It is a reminder that a small act of kindness ripples a long ways :’)

Repost ~ Write Here, Write Now



Wait not until the morning rise..Before spreading your wings..The beauty of life..Is the reminder that the human spirit is where it all begins..


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