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Has society really run aground..


Has society run aground so badly, that it feels the need to judge and compare everything around them? what’s the point of this? comparing doesn’t change anything. Staring doesn’t accomplish anything more than waste time, i could rant like everyone else who might feel as fed up as i. But, instead i would rather wonder why people don’t just come up and talk to me instead? there’s got to be an answer to any question they may have on their mind? god gave people lips and voices and the drive to find out more, why not try that instead and feel at peace that they have all the answers they need?

Selfishness has no limits


It’s a selfish thing about people that just bugs me, just a few minutes ago I just overheard on the commute to work a guy who was commenting about his breakup with his gf, and his friend (a lady) tells him that it’s alright and that it isn’t the end, then she starts to give examples about how it was before she met her fiancĂ©. I couldn’t help but give her a glance, the hell kind of friend is this?? I thought.

I understand how the guy feels, he just found himself single again and he is going to miss having someone to share everything with, I’m not even talking about just the physical side of things. I’m referring to someone he can go hang out with and share his goals with, his friend does make sense though when she says that a breakup isn’t the end, he can always move on.

What annoyed me? was how casually she went to talking about her relationship, what on earth gave her the right when she has no idea how he’s feeling right now? she’s going to get off work later and hang out with her fiancĂ© and be happy with what she has, he is going to go home and hear all about it later on either Facebook or Twitter. She was going on about it for almost a half hour.

How can she be so damn selfish patting herself on the back when someone is looking for support? I bet she wouldn’t appreciate it if the roles were reversed and he was gloating, some people only think about what they have and rarely what others need..

When they prefer a lie over the truth


I guess I have to accept it in the end, sometimes I can’t have things in my favor, no matter what I do. Even though I tried to fix the lies people have about me, I tried to make some people understand that I wasn’t as bad as they pictured me to be. But, in the end they believed more lies instead of giving me a chance.

Guess that’s my problem, there’s always one person no matter where I go that wants to make my life utterly miserable. I thought that maybe if they saw my writings they might understand that I’m just as human as the rest, I make the same mistakes and I hurt just as much as the next person. So, why can’t they stop for a second from listening to the unending lies and listen to what I have to say? seems with some people there’s just no changing their minds once it’s made up.

In a world so selfish


People will always judge you, no matter what you do. If you have something that they don’t they will judge you as someone they will plot to gain, if you don’t have something they have then they will judge you inferior to them. If you take everything with a smile, someone will judge you as someone they can take advantage of. It’s a tough world out there in a world that can be so selfish, but so long as you don’t do the same as them you will always come out on top. There’s people out there looking for someone like you, you just haven’t met them yet.