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Nothing speaks louder about devotion, Than sharing a passion together exploring the world hand in hand, Eagerly waiting for new discoveries to come.



As seeker points in her blog, There’s so much that the media does not cover that really should, Like the strength and spirit of the people of Tacloban, True show of strength and spirit to move forward and rebuild from the start.

A walk with my camera

It’s exactly a month since disaster struck and now the government and news outfits have been heralding the news that normalcy is slowly being restored in the city.


For downtown Tacloban with all the piles of debris strewn all over the streets and the shuttered businesses, maybe there is a very small semblance of normalcy for the clueless.  Sure, there are stores that are now opening, but things are still very far from normal, especially when one goes outside of the commercial area.


This is Anibong, one of the places I frequent during my photo walks.  It is barely recognizable.  Correction, it is unrecognizable.  All the houses and sari-sari stores lining the street are gone.


The remains of a decent house, 30 days later.  No housing relocation sites yet,  no master plans for development, nothing.  Nobody is running the show.


Scenes like this are kept from the local news.  Everything…

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Thank you!



There are two things in life that are truly eternal..Friendships and the love we are blessed from our families..In the times I’ve been knocked down..You’ve shown me how to stand back up and in the darkness you’ve shown me the light..Thank you so much for this sweet gift I’ve woken to this morning..Truly grateful to everyone..In my heart you are my family 🙂