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DP Prompt ~ Summer


Let’s see, Where would I be if it was next summer? Why, In a tropical island of course.

I’ll be like the minions enjoying the beach at Tagatay or Palawan with all the pina coladas I could drink, endless horizons and the best part? No cell phone reception or WiFi of any sort. Just pure paradise and crystal blue waters, now THAT is how one enjoys it all! How about you? ;)



With every ripple..

A river of Memories..

Pass me by..

If I could hold them..

In my hands..

Would you grant me..

My wish..

One last time…?


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I didn’t even know these existed


My friend Rose showed me photos of these amazing butterflies on FB and I thought they were photo shopped until I found out they were actually real, Butterflies with transparent wings, wow! :)

DP Prompt ~ Crisis


Crisis? Well, There’s only one real way to handle it isn’t there? Unlike the minions, I try to take it one step at a time, Fix what I can work on first and then figure out the rest. One of those things to learn as a single parent, especially in the more challenging moments. How about you? how do you approach a bad situation? :)