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In the clouds


I did not see my dream

I did not hear my wish

All I had

Was ever fleeting thoughts

Where I’ve been

Where I should be

A heartfelt thank you and hello 🤗


Hi Everyone! I wanted to first say thank you to everyone who’s left a message asking if I’m still around. The answer is! I’m back! 🤗 apologies also for not keeping in touch. After all the endless photo thefts from my vlog, I met my now fiancé Glaiza in Taipei and I ended up turning my attention towards the vlogging world of YouTube.

I’ve missed writing however, so! In the coming days I will be publishing many of my drafts that have stacked up on the dusty shelves over the years. I hope you will enjoy! Also, please feel free to visit my YouTube to see what I’ve been up to, do also drop me your links if you too have a channel! ☺️

YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/achih1076

IG: Andy_chih76



I remember this day fondly,  As we sat there Enjoying something as simple as McDonald’s, We didn’t need an expensive meal to enjoy a romantic day together, Just our love for food and great stories, That alone was enough to ignite a spark even brighter than the stars ♥️



Out of life’s many lessons, The most profound I’ve always held on to is that If you want to feel free and alive, You have to release yourself from the opinions of others. Live how you want, Do what you like and define your own path in life.