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Out of life’s many lessons, The most profound I’ve always held on to is that If you want to feel free and alive, You have to release yourself from the opinions of others. Live how you want, Do what you like and define your own path in life.



Don’t deny yourself the chance to open the door to new horizons, Life is not meant to be watched from inside




On the last trip I went with Glai to Islas De Gigantes, we stopped by one of the islands that had this cave like entrance. It didn’t go very far in, yet it was shaped in a way that would still invite someone to explore it’s secrets, Unfortunately though we were only at each stop for a few minutes. Next time I guess? 😃



I was never the kind of person who brough attention to myself, Living a simple life was always my thing. Well, It was until I met Glai. Then my life was completely changed, like waking up after a very long sleep and now I want nothing more than to live my life to the fullest, it’s amazing really. The things you can accomplish when you’re loved and accepted for everything you are, Both the good and bad. ♥️