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Vancouver christmas market gallery part 2


So, I managed to grab an old laptop that luckily had a memory card reader built in, looks like there is a benefit to keeping around old clunkers! here’s the missing photos that I took with my point and shoot, Still not the best but maybe next year the market will consider taking it indoors, where there’s better lighting AND heating.


The theme of the christmas market is kind of cute, the whole idea is to create the feel of a little village. To the left of this photo, there is a booth selling apple cider. I was thinking about it, but $10 bucks for an itty bitty cup didn’t seem too attractive to me.


The folks at the booth didn’t seem to take too kindly to my taking pictures, so I respected their wish but they were selling tea packs within these silk bags, I really like that approach, it’s nice to every once in a while step away from the whole tin and lid look :) 


I once knew the significance of the egg but I’ve forgotten, If anyone could remind me I’d appreciate it. I love history of objects and symbols, beautiful aren’t they? :) 


I found the idea of these lids really cute, Heck. I almost walked away with the duck! just imagine the heads I’d turn at work, might even get away with cider at my desk *grin*


This is another highlight of my visits to the christmas market, they are not just art in shape of fruits. But, Soap! The grapes are individually one small amount of soap each and the pineapples too. Each, with their distinct scent. Heck, even the Banana has a banana scent to it. So to you soap lovers out there, this is really neat and even if you just want an aromatic scent to your room these very much do the trick too. I would of taken more detailed photos of the other fruits but by this time my hands were frozen stiff, thus concluding this posts sorri! thank you for reading ^.^ 

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Vancouver german christmas market Part one


A couple or so weeks ago, I introduced to you the Yaletown christmas market. Today, Though. I would like to take you to the Vancouver german christmas market. I apologize if the photos aren’t the best, not only did my daughter and I visit as the sun was going down, but today the windchill was -15 degrees celsius. The lack of heat sources in the area didn’t help either ugh! lol


The best part of the market is the handcrafted art

A pleasant surprise I found though, was the appearance of the Rotato.  What is it you ask? well, Imagine putting a bunch of fried pringle chips together and putting a toothpick through it, that’s what you get! a delicious stick of oily yummers!


Meditation over which rotato to start with first

Normally you would see something like this at a chinese night market, Held a month or so before end of September, It’s usually crispy and warm. But, yeah weather was so cold it cooled off within seconds yipes! so onto the next food stand we went. Can you guess what it was?


What? I like these lol 

If you guessed pretzel? you got it! Look at the size of this thing! yeah, It’s ugly but they make up for it with taste at least, right amount of sea salt and not chewy nor hard makes it just right. At least, that’s how I like it anyways lol! so while I am munching away on this giant treat, We decided to look at what else was available. I took a number of pictures with my Samsung galaxy S3. Which works poorly in low light conditions and most of my photos are in my camera’s memory card which I will write an update on, once i get my memory card reader replaced. Now, I don’t know why but these caught my attention.


Ring a ling a ling?

Yep, I’m a huge fan of arts and crafts. Art like these, make lining up in the dang cold so worth it! I am a huge supporter of crafts from other parts of the world. It’s so beautiful! oh and what’s another thing I am a supporter of? well, this! 


Haxen on a bun

Now, some of you might be wondering what on earth is this monstrous sandwich? well, they call it Haxen on a bun. Pulled pork slapped on the sandwich then layered with saurkraut. It tastes absolutely amazing, the pork is so buttery it practically melts in your mouth! Yum! so, what do you do after eating something like this? well, after pondering how much i am going to pay for this at the gym the next day? I decided to go for the next proper dessert. 


Belgian waffle

That’s right! belgian waffle layered with whip cream and tons of chocolate syrup, again sorry about the lighting. I tried to polish the photo with Snapseed but that just ruined the photo and again the eating areas had little to no light posts for proper photography :( I will upload the ones form my camera soon. But! before I end this part of the two part post, I would like to introduce you to a little something I fell in love with at the market that I had to get, it’s a present I am gifting for christmas.


Cute right?? It’s a little wind tower, How it works. Is you can put little teacup candles in the vicinity and the warm air will turn the wheel up top, creating kind of a draft which makes the bunnies turn around and around. The market has an enclosed area which displays TONS of these, some even the size of a desk with all sorts of gizmos but recently they seemed to have banned photography, silly really. Just imagine how much publicity they could of gained with all the photos everyone would take, there were other bloggers that I could see and hear at the market too. So! this concludes the first part of my two part post! I hope you enjoyed :) 



OH! did I forget to mention? I had  käsespätzle? They place the delicious spaghetti in the container, then use a flame brule like torch to melt the cheese on top of sliced ham, so good! ^.^

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Yaletown Candyland christmas fair ^.^


Every year, As we get closer to the holidays. Vancouver hosts a number of events to celebrate the spirit of Christmas, with traditional lights and decorations along the streets. One of my favorite things though, is visiting the fairs and checking out hand made crafts. So, When I heard about a new fair opening at Yaletown. I knew I had to go, I love the atmosphere and the smiles! ^.^

I love these!

I love these!

I was pleasantly greeted by the carriage carrying a couple of families around the three blocks that were closed off for the market, It’s great to see some traditions kept alive. Sadly though, the staff were less than friendly. In an instance when the carriage started to move my daughter and I were by a doughnut stand, It was very crowded and we had nowhere to move. You would think the staff in costumes would be understanding but instead one of them got right on front of my daughter’s face and yelled “MOVE!! GET OUT OF THE WAY! CLEAR!” I have to say, I was not impressed. But, I wasn’t about to let my daughter think of this as a bad experience. So, I got her a bag of mini donuts that she loved so much.

mmmm mini donuts...

mmmm mini donuts…

Part of the way down, we saw a stand selling pretzels. I always get those, There’s something about the soft taste of the dough with sea salt that I am absolutely addicted to and I have to say. I am very pleased with the way these turned out.


Alina approved! Though the lady to the right doesn’t seem happy yikes! :O

It just doesn’t feel right without one of these to celebrate Christmas with. I was sad to see there wasn’t more hot chocolate stands or at least more crafts booths around, I will give them credit for trying though with decorations and atmosphere.


Uh…sooooo north pole is…which way?

There was of course, the expected performers such as stilt walkers who very cheerful and had the crowd very well entertained, they played really fun music and were even taking requests! :D

How do they stay up on those? O.o

How do they stay up on those? O.o

That wasn’t all though, they had people in gingerbread man suits running around, they were too fast for me to catch on camera no matter how hard I tried to find them *grumble* they would of made the blog sheesh! there were other fun sights however such as costume performers and a couple of craft stores in high spirits for kids :)

Finger and hand puppets :D

Finger and hand puppets :D

Well, Rudolph does love the limelight ^.^

Well, Rudolph does love the limelight ^.^

We wrapped up the evening (Due to lack of ambient lighting since Yaletown Has more of a traditional feel, lots of coffee shops in the area and restaurants but not many street lamps. I have no idea how that makes sense, but! that’s how it is :D 

Ah..Christmas lights..

Ah..Christmas lights..

Thank you for reading this post! sorry if some photos look blurry, we didn’t go to the market until roughly 4 or so and spent time looking for parking, by the time we found it the sun was already setting and ambient lighting just killed the shots ugh :( 

Did I mention Poutine?? O:)

Did I mention Poutine?? O:)

Isolation rooms


Use of isolation rooms for special needs children

This article above had my blood boiling and in many many ways, Makes me ashamed to be part of a country that supports this. The educational system has somehow decided that it’s okay to place special needs children into an isolation room. Their logic behind it appears to be to either protect the child from being bullied in class or to allow the class to continue without disruption. Whatever the reason is, there’s never justification to treat a child in such a manner. Call in a specialist or have the parent come comfort the child, Did someone in the school system forget these are human being with the same needs and desires as anyone does? when did we revert back to the dark ages? shame on those people with the gall to call themselves teachers! (shake my head)