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DP Promp ~ Full moon


So, what would I be? well as a poet by day I suppose my alter ego would be my past, someone who didn’t share any thoughts and had a negative view towards life. Hateful of a great many many things and always on the defensive, long story short it was the only way I could survive. As the saying goes, we all have skeletons in our closets right?




The storm may have broken the petals..But It’s willing heart still endures long enough..For the light to shine once again..


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If you would..


To love you..

Beyond the reach of time..

Till the end..

Of morning..

Into the endless nights..


Every moment..

Our fingers touch..

Embrace you..

As our hearts..

Beat as one…

This I offer…

To the one I’ve waited for..

All my life..


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Even the..



Sometimes..Even the faintest ember can ignite once more..With the slightest sign of hope..Lighting a flame..That would leave even the evening stars in awe..


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