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And this my friends is how you make coffee ^.^/


From what I’m told, this is the way to get air out of the coffee for that creamy smooth taste, I’ve never personally experienced it but sure hope some day ^.^

DP Prompt ~ Linger


Things I’d like for for to linger, Let’s see. I could go on forever. So, I’ll make a list because I’m lazy lol

– Ice Cream that never melts
– Sunsets at the end of a hot summer
– Time I spend with Glaiza
– Fun conversations
– Love is definitely the biggest one
– Vacations
– Money, Last because you can’t truly buy everything in life
– Commitments

How about you? :)

ta da! how about you? :)




As I reach for..This evening sky..I give you..The promise..My love..That Until the stars..No longer shine and the wind..No longer whispers the wishes..We made in our hearts..I will be by your side..To kiss your lips..As the moonlight blesses our love..Under it’s gentle light..


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Would I? Heck Yeah!