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Internet ‘Trolling’ Sees 150 People Jailed



~About damn time I’d say, Annoying enough that we get spammed daily on Instagram and here with ads and hoaxes.




As a rose..


As the summer’s touch..

Her beauty..

Shines ever brightly..

In my heart..


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And this my friends is how you make coffee ^.^/


From what I’m told, this is the way to get air out of the coffee for that creamy smooth taste, I’ve never personally experienced it but sure hope some day ^.^

DP Prompt ~ Linger


Things I’d like for for to linger, Let’s see. I could go on forever. So, I’ll make a list because I’m lazy lol

– Ice Cream that never melts
– Sunsets at the end of a hot summer
– Time I spend with Glaiza
– Fun conversations
– Love is definitely the biggest one
– Vacations
– Money, Last because you can’t truly buy everything in life
– Commitments

How about you? :)

ta da! how about you? :)