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Haiku by a lake..


When we float on water..

We always look up at the sky..

For our hearts ever yearn to fly..

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The Amazing Way Life Changes


Beautiful post and happy thanksgiving to everyone 🙂

Living, Loving, Laughing....

I’m sure you can guess what is at the top of my Thankful list. The very top of a very long list (more on that below). I am thrilled to have so much to be thankful for this year. And being surrounded by the love of family. Many included as family are part of extended families and ex-families and almost families.

And that is not weird to me at all.

I grew up loving a Grandma that was not related to me by blood …I never knew until I fully grasped family trees….and she wasn’t on my branch or even my tree.

I had no clue.

She never acted like she wasn’t my Grandma. And you know what? She was. She was my Grandma. Blood relation or not. That is who I called Grandma and always will. I think of her most at this time of year. As children we…

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Bitstrip and how wrong it can get


By now, I’m sure most of you know about Bitstrip. It’s fun and all, You get to bug you friends with a really cheesy joke or a downright hilarious scene. It really is fun, giving you something to talk about and share, the possibilities and combinations are endless! 


So wrong..Given that the character with the stabbing is supposed to be my Aria..Who suffers daily from Porphyria..

Unfortunately, With bitstrip there’s also an opportunity to write down a few lines here and there, to add your punch line as well as re-arrange character positions. Sadly, some people go too far. Such as posting the above comic strip, To my Aria who’s suffering from Porphyria. A genetic condition to which there’s no cure as of yet causing her to suffer greatly. Yeah, I know. It’s just a comic but seriously. You do NOT send something like this to someone who’s health and condition is always at a constant risk. It’s so wrong, No sane person would find humor in this.