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DP Prompt ~ Red faced moments


Embarrassing moments huh? I think the one that stands out even today was when I was a kid, my dad had just painted new chairs brown but didn’t tell anyone. So, here I was a bored 5 year old kid and sat on it, we walked around town after and didn’t realize it until a few minutes into the city that there was a blotch of brown on my butt! then you wonder why people were avoiding me lol!!

Then the next one, is my early stages of ulcer, I have very high tolerance for pain so I went to the treadmill anyways at a private gym, yeah that didn’t work out. Gas? apparently is not something good to share with regular gym people :P

Your turn! ;)




Find me..In the place..Where there are no lights..Just..The longing..For the warmth of your heart..Find me..And let’s discover..Once more..How love still shines..Under the starless sky..


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Wordless Wednesday ~ Soft in purple



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DP Prompt ~ Final countdown


Well, here’s yet another repeated prompt. Final countdown, That’s okay though! it gives me a chance to reshare this old favourite.

What would I take with me onto a colony shuttle? Well, for starters! Family and my love of course. Then, fruits of every kind followed by delicacies from every country, It will be a long trip after all. Followed by! All the greatest hits since the 80’s and movies. Did I miss anything? :D