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What you see and what you feel..


Every so often..Nature reminds us..It’s not about how you capture that perfect moment..But..What you feel in your heart and the message you wish to share..


Choose friends wisely


For every one thing that goes wrong in your life, take two steps back and see it all in the bigger picture. Then you will at least understand how you got there, if things still go wrong after you see the clearer picture. Then you must around the wrong people, good friends won’t let you make the same mistake twice. Fake friends will walk all over you and let you fail, choose wisely.

Someday you might understand


I might smile, laugh or look the other way whenever you play games with my feelings. I’m not being a fool, nor do I choose to be one. I’m just waiting for you to see, what a real friend is willing to put himself through. Just in case you need someone to talk to, Maybe then you will understand patience and the value of a real heart.

Have you left your mark in this world?


If you ever felt that your life has been unfulfilled, look back and ask yourself who’s life you have influenced in a positive way. Have you done something for someone so that they will do the same for others? if your answer is yes then congratulations, you have fulfilled your life in the best way possible.

Living your life has nothing to do with having the chance to have been in the most passionate relationship, climbed the highest mountains or gone to the far reaches of the world. None of these will matter, if at the end of that journey you realize that nobody knows you did it. Contribute to the world by showing them the reasons you did it, then encourage them to chase after their dreams. That’s when you know you have lived your life to the fullest, when you have left a mark in the world..