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Can you



Can you caress a flower to feel..It’s gentle breath..Upon your hand..And hear it’s thoughts..As It looks at the sky..As though wishing it could touch the clouds..Even if just for a little while..?

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Nature tells us..That without a leap of faith..Rivers could not be made..Without the streams..Mountains..Could not be shaped..You are the inspiration..My love..That gives my heart shape..On the path..That you help me..Keep ever true..

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So many words..Spoken under the night..Ever more dreams..Wished..Every time I close my eyes..We are miles apart..Yet I feel your touch in my heart..As I slumber under these stars..Listening to your voice on my mind..Bringing my soul..Ever closer by your side..

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DP Prompt ~ Destinations


Where would I like to go, Alright. First  I’d like to backpack across Europe. See the world through an unguided eye, Just so I can take it all in.

Then, there’s of course Asia. Notice how I didn’t say specifically Japan this time? lol!

Last but not least! the remote locations, Those places that are magical wonders on their own.

How about you? where would you like to go right this second? :)