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Throwback Thursday ~ Snobbish ducks and ice cream





DP Prompt ~ Isolation


What would I do if I was in a bubble? Let’s see, listen to classic music all day, workout (ya I’m one of those guys who go at it for hours) eat ice cream and write, Yep! I’m a mixed bag of everything lol! How about you? if you were stuck in a glass bubble with everything you need, what would you do?

All I ever wished..


A single whisper..

So you hear..

The wish in my heart..

Every time..

I look in your eyes..

A single kiss..

So you will always remember..

You are the one I wished for..

All my life..


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DP Prompt ~ Music I grew up with


Here’s a song from the group of vividly remember growing up to, Especially this song. It would be stuck in my head all day because the lyrics are really catchy, easy to sing to too!

Growing up in Chile, There was also of course the legend, Julio Iglesias. He truly sang with his heart and soul, His son Enrique Iglesias was most definitely inspired by him ☺