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Taipei day four 


Day four we decided to visit the Iconic Taipei 101, Yups! 101 floors up! I wanted to go to the top but couldn’t justify the $80+ Canadian that it would cost me and that’s per person, Even for the photos? that’s still a lot of money.

When we saw this sign we knew we had to take a photo with it, Hai Hai! ☺️

The inside of 101 is something I never expected, It’s a shopping mall with all name brands, every single item was in the hundreds and that’s in Canadian dollars :o



After deciding that there was nothing we could afford we went to the bookstore next door, I wish I had taken home all this masking tape lol!

There’s of course also cute notepads and notebooks ☺️



A glimmer of hope turned to a dream come true..These are the words I remember speaking..Holding you in my embrace..As life has taught us to not give up on our deepest wish..So a journey of true bliss may finally begin..

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Taipei visit day three


On day three my cousin heard about Glai’s birthday and wanted to give her a nice treat. So, we went to a Japanese restaurant.

This dish above is absolutely amazing, I don’t remember the sauce they used but it is out of this world! So very tasty especially with the thin pork slices.

There’s no actual English name for this, But in Mandarin? It’s called water bamboo. By itself there’s no actual taste but when grilled with Japanese mayo? Wow!! the flavours completely come out an the decor, It was laid out so pretty I felt guilty taking it apart lol

This bamboo dish was presented so beautiful and the taste of the bamboo just came bursting out with every bite!

Next up! Is seasoned crab legs, I don’t know how they did it but the peppery flavours went right into the meat, the shell was so easy to peel off too.

Remember how I mentioned that it was a surprise birthday celebration for Glai? well here’s item number one! Chilled noodles! because in Chinese culture? Noodles represent long life, we wanted to wish Glai a very long prosperous life.

After finishing all the delicious dishes, We further surprised her with a blueberry cheesecake ^.^/

A happy birthday for the deepest love I have ever known, She has given me more love than I could ever put in words, In my hardest days she is the one who gives me strength to go on, I love you Glaiza Binayas. I am so blessed to have you in my life  ❤️