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DP Prompt ~ Summer


Let’s see, Where would I be if it was next summer? Why, In a tropical island of course.

I’ll be like the minions enjoying the beach at Tagatay or Palawan with all the pina coladas I could drink, endless horizons and the best part? No cell phone reception or WiFi of any sort. Just pure paradise and crystal blue waters, now THAT is how one enjoys it all! How about you? ;)



With every ripple..

A river of Memories..

Pass me by..

If I could hold them..

In my hands..

Would you grant me..

My wish..

One last time…?


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It’ll always be fascinated by them :)





Waters ripple..

To the caress of the wind..

Laughter’s echo..

Of hearts that joyfully sing..

The songs of love..

For all to see..

All around..

As I close my eyes..

And dream..

Of our summer kiss..