Within every tear..


Let them whisper what they wish..

They don’t know the dreams we share..

Let them gaze with spite in their eyes..

They will never see the dreams we share..

Offer them no sadness..

They will never see as I..

The beauty of your thoughts..

In every drop that I hold..

Within every tear..


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  1. each tear, each look, each thought is a world wrapped within …

    Beautiful Andy…as is the music to listen to as I read your thoughts…
    Take care…You Matter…

    • Thank you Heather πŸ™‚ Yep, working on finding a way to publish it all even if without music, just can’t seem to find beyond yahoo and Amazon doesn’t offer much 😦

  2. Happy New Year … and thank you so much for 2013. Love the music, have come across his music only a couple of months ago. So beautiful .. and your poem so heart touching. I hope love will be a big part of your new year *smile – I want to see joy in your heart and soul, Andy.

  3. Absolutely lovely. This is very true. Never give into what other, unknown, ignorant people have to say, else you are going to end up leading their lives. Believe yourself, take decisions and lead your own life.

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